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Read and translate the text and add more words to the list of key words in your copy-book.

Appearance and Manners

When we speak about somebody’s figure, face, hands, feet we mean his or her appearance. A person may be tall, middle-sized (среднего роста) or short, thin or plump. A face may be round, oval or square. In summer some people may have freckles on their faces. Old people have wrinkled (морщинистые) faces.
People’s hair may be long or short, thin or thick, good or bad, straight or curly. If it is long it is often plaited. Its colour may be black or fair, chestnut (каштановые) or red. Old people have grey hair. Eyes may be large or small. They may be of different colour, grey, green, black, or hazel (brown).
Cheeks (щеки) may be rosy or pale(бледные) (if a person is ill), plump or hollow (впалые) (if a person is very ill). Some people have dimples (ямочки) in their cheeks when they smile.
Women usually have their hair done at the hairdresser’s. The manner of walking is called the walk (gait) (походка). One’s step may be: light, heavy, firm. Old people often shuffle their feet, have a shuffling gait.(шаркающая походка)