Read and translate the text

Read and translate the text, then answer some questions

How important is your appearance? Although everyone wants to be good-looking, are beautiful people always happier people? For example, must be a problem to be a really beautiful girl, because some boys maybe more interested in looking at you than talking to you.
They think of you as a picture rather than a person. There are also some people who think that girls who are pretty and boys who are handsome must be stupid. They believe that only unattractive people can be intelligent.
On the other hand, no one wants to be really ugly, and have a face that nobody wants to look at; and no one wants to be plain either. That is to be neither attractive nor unattractive, and have a face that is easily forgotten.
Being attractive is like being rich. It can help you find happiness, but it doesn't always make you happy. So maybe the best thing is to try to be interesting person. Interesting people have interesting faces, and interesting faces are almost always attractive.

1. Who is the most beautiful woman and the best-looking man in the world?
2. Do you think it’s difficult to be very good-looking? Why? (Why not?)
3. How important is it to look attractive? Why?

good-looking — миловидный, приятной внешности
beautiful — красивая (о женщине)
pretty — хорошенький
handsome — красивый (о мужчине)
unattractive — непривлекательный
ugly — уродливый, безобразный
plain — заурядный, простой, обыкновенный
attractive — привлекательный