Read the dialogue

Read the dialogue and write similar about your hobbies and interests. Learn it by heart.

A: Hi, Nick! That’s your name, isn’t it?
B: That’s right. And you’re Ben?
A: Yeah. So what things do you like, Nick? You know, hobbies and that sort of things.
B: Well, I really love reading, you know, fantasy and science fiction books. And I like playing computer games.
A: Yeah? Me too.
B: Mm, I’m really interested in computers. What about you?
A: Yeah, I sometimes play computer games. But you know, I’m really into sport.
B: Oh, right.
A: Yeah, I really like tennis and basketball. Do you?
B: No, I’m really bad at sport.
A: Really?
B: Yeah, terrible. I can’t play. I don’t mind tennis but I really hate basketball.
A: So what are you into?
B: Well I like taking photos. Do you like photography?
A: Er, not really. I don’t like art at school.
B: Oh, I don’t mind art lessons. They Are OK. I really hate maths!
A: Do you? I think maths is OK, but my favourite subject is geography. I’m interested in learning about different places.
B: Yeah? I’ve got the computer game about travel. You go to different countries and collect things.
A: Sounds OK.
B: Do you want to borrow it?
A: Great, thanks.