My hobbies and interests

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My hobbies and interests

My name’s Johnny. I am fifteen and I am a computer addicted person. I am fond of communication with other teens. That’s why I have a lot of friends in my and other countries. We send messages from one computer to another one using e-mail; we have on-line conversations. I am a member of the computing club and I spend much time there. Of course, it’s rather expensive, but my parents understand me and give me enough money to pay for my computer club. And I think that my hobby will be useful in my future profession. Besides, I spend my free time in the sport club. I go in for kung fu. Recently films about kung fu have become very popular in Russia. This fighting itself is a great art, the result of many years of hard work and self-discipline. The man who made kung fu films famous was Bruce Lee. He used fists, elbows, feet (never weapons) and moved as fast as lightning. I am rather good at kung fu now, but I never use my skills to hurt anybody, unless it is absolutely necessary. Now people know what Kung Fu is, and I think it may become a sport of the future, because it develops up your personality, will and nobility.
I'm extremely fond of reading. I often read for pleasure and sometimes for information. So I'm interested in different kinds of books. I like to read stories about heroes, great travelers, explorers, and courageous men. These books excite my imagination. I think I devote much time to reading.
As for me, I prefer Tolkien. My favourite book is “Lord of the ring”. It is very interesting and exciting. The main character of the book is Frodo. He is a real personality. He is clever and brave. I wish to be like him.

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Different people like different kinds of music. You may prefer pop or rock music, country or folk music, classical music or jazz, but you certainly cannot think of a day without music.
As for me, I prefer modern music. I have iPod with records of lots of kinds of modern music. I try to watch all the programmes dealing with it on TV and to go to the concerts as often as possible. My favourite group is “Muse”. It’s a British group. I think they are very talented. Last year I and my father went to Finland, Helsinki to listen to their concert. I can play the guitar, but not very well. I’d like to be a guitarist in a group.

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