Notes asking to borrow something

Read the notes asking to borrow something.
Write your note.

Think of ideas:
What activity do you want to do, e.g. walking, hiking?
What things do you need, e.g. a map, a backpack?
Why do you need these things, e.g. a trek, a trip?
When do you need them, e.g. this weekend, tomorrow?

1 Example:
Hi, Ben,
Can I ask you a favour? This weekend I’ve got a camping trip with the school.
Can I borrow your backpack, please? I also need a compass with a GPS receiver.
Have you got one?

2 Example:
Hi, Kate,
I’ve got a favour to ask you. I want to learn riding a mountain bike. Tomorrow I’ve got a trip to mountains with my friends but I haven/t got a helmet and special gloves for riding a bike. Could I borrow yours, please! I also need sunglasses.

Can I ask you a favour? - Могу я попросить тебя об одолжении?
to borrow – одалживать, брать взаймы