Task 1

You are going to England for holiday. You would like to stay for a few days at
your English friend’s. Write a letter and ask if it is possible.

- Describe briefly your holiday plan.
- Present your request.
- Say how long you would like to stay.
- Express hope for her return visit to Russia.

Write 100-140 words

20 June 2010

Dear Carol,
Thank you for your letter. I hope your exams are over now and you can start relaxing!
I’ve just passed my school-leaving exams and I’m getting ready for the entrance exams for the University. I’m already making plans for the holidays. They’re exciting! I’m going to hitchhike across England for three weeks. I can’t wait!
That’s why I’d like to ask if I could come to visit you for some time. I would be so terribly grateful if you could let me to stay for a week. Please let me know if it’s OK with you.
I do hope I’ll be able to see you at my place in Russia some day, too!
Give my love to Tom.
All the best,
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