Why do you study English?

Select the reason why you study English and write two reasons yourself.

1. Learning foreign languages takes too much time.
2. English is necessary for communication with people when you are abroad.
3. When you listen to songs in English, it’s better to understand the words.
4. If you know English, you can get information from different newspapers and from different radio stations.
5. Watching English and American films in the original is more interesting than watching them in translation.
6. There are lots of newspapers and radio programmes in Russia – there is no need to read newspapers and to listen to radio programmes in English.
7. When you are abroad as a tourist, the guide helps in all situations and explains everything in Russian.
8. Most interesting films are translated into Russian.
9. Learning English is interesting and exciting.
10. When people listen to foreign songs, they enjoy the music and they don’t need words.