Discuss with your teacher

Try to answer these questions. Discuss with your teacher.

1. Is English your favorite subject at school? What other subjects are your favorite ones?
2. When did you begin studying English? How long have you been learning English?
3. Were all your English teachers good? Which of your teachers of English do you remember best and why?
4. What marks did you usually get in English?
5. Do you find English grammar (pronunciation, words) easy or difficult to study? What are you good at, do you think? What are your weak points, in your opinion.
6. What did you do at the English lessons? What did you find it more interesting to do at the lessons of English?
7. Why is it important/necessary to know foreign languages? What professions require the knowledge of foreign languages? What for do people of different professions need to know a foreign language?
8. Is English the world's top tongue? Why? In what countries is it spoken? In what spheres of modem life is it used?
9. Why is the profession of a teacher of foreign languages so important?
10. When did you decide to become a teacher of foreign languages? Who influenced your choice? Did you follow anybody’s advice or did you make your choice on your own?
11. Do you realize that a teacher's profession is both enjoyable and hard? In what way is a teacher responsible for his pupils?
12. What is your idea of a good teacher? Do you know any model teacher?

Then read suggested answers.