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East or West, home is best


The nation symbol of Russia is a white-blue-and-red banner. The hymn of Russia was written by Mikhalkov, music was by Aleksandrov. A new national emblem is a two-headed eagle. It is the most ancient symbol of Russia. It originates from the heraldic emblem of the Ruricovitches. All these symbols are official. They have been approved by the Federal Assembly.
At present, the political and the economic situations in the country are rather complicated. There are a lot of problems in the national economy of Russia. But in spite of the problems there are a lot of opportunities for this country to become one of the leading countries in the world.
Russian is the first language of more than 220 million of people throughout the world, and it is the official language of Russian Federation. It is also spoken to some extent by the 130 million of people. Russian, in fact, is among the 4 most widely spoken languages in the world. Russians have many peculiarities. They are believed to be industrious, tough, suspicious, brave and progressive. They are very hospitable, fond of being with other people and enjoying social life. They have a great sense of patriotism. They are generous, emotional, kind-hearted and loyal to their families. Russians are patriarchal, dogmatic in following conventional values. They are mostly faithful and tradition-loving.