The United States of America


The United States of America is another important English-speaking country. It consists of fifty different states and the District of Columbia joined together by one government. The USA covers an area of almost 9400000 square kilometers, and is twice as large as all the countries of Europe combined. It is placed in the middle of the North American continent and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Placed between two oceans, the USA has a free access to the trade routes of the world. The USA is divided into three areas: Eastern area — a highland. Central area is a plain, and the Western area which is mountainous. The north-western part of the USA includes five lakes. The whole central plain constitutes the basin of the Mississippi River. The Mississippi is one of the longest rivers in the world. On the whole the USA has a continental climate. It is at the same time one of the coldest and one of the hottest countries, one of the wettest and one on the driest.