Russian Cuisine



Russian cuisine is indeed original. Its distinctive feature is not only in original recipes but also in the fact that it reflects a certain way of life. Russian people usually have meals three times a day. In the morning they have breakfast, in the afternoon — dinner and in the evening it's time for supper.
Let us start with breakfast. This meal doesn't usually take much time to prepare, due to the fact that people, as a rule, are in a hurry for work, school or somewhere else. It may include just sandwiches, fried or scrambled eggs, corn flakes or muesli and various kinds of porridges. It can be cream of wheat, oatmeal porridge, rice or buckwheat porridge. It is more common for Russian people to drink black tea with jam or honey but there are ones who prefer coffee in the morning. You may think there is nothing special in this set of dishes. You are right. But it was a description of a typical working day breakfast, when people have little time to prepare something. Now we'd like to pay your attention to breakfast of a day-off.