Intensifiers: enough, too

3. Too

We use too to indicate degree, it’s too + adjective:

This restaurant’s too crowded. Let’s go somewhere else.

Or too + adverb:

You’re walking too fast! Slow down!

To talk about an amount or number of something which is more than what we want or need, it’s too much or too many + noun. Use too much before uncountable nouns and too many before countable nouns.

Ugh! You’ve put too much sugar in my tea! (sugar = uncountable)

I ate too many biscuits(biscuit = countable)

You can also use too much on its own after a verb.

Sarah drinks too much.

Take note: too with negative

If we say a sentence with too in the negative form, then we mean it isn’t a problem. The form is not + too + adjective.

It’s not too late to buy tickets for the final. There are still some on sale.