Listen to short dialogues and learn them by heart

Dialogue 1

shop-assistant: customer:
Can I help you?
Sorry. We’ve only got it in small.
Yes, I’d like this t-shirt in large.

Dialogue 2

customer: shop-assistant:
Have you got these jeans in light blue? What size are you?
32 waist and 34 leg. I’m sorry. We have only 34 and 36.

Dialogue 3 (at the shop window)

1st girl: 2nd girl:
Look! What a nice top!
I like bright tops.
It’s rather cheap.
But this one’s cheaper.
And it’s brighter.
These shoes are good.
They look fashionable.
Realy? I think these are better.
They look more comfortable.
Look at that dress.
It’s horrible.
Yes, really bad. And look, this one’s worse!
Let’s go to another shop.

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