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Mark: I’ve never been to an open-air theatre before. Oh, I think it’s going to rain. Can you open your umbrella, Kim?
Kim: Not for you! You laughed at me with my umbrella.
Jenny: Would you like this bag for your head, Mark?
It had my jam sandwiches in it.
Mark: Very funny! You can act in the play today. It’s a comedy.
Rob: What a lot of people and noise! The audience is like the crowd at a football match.

Mr. Grant: Well. Rob, the audiences were also noisy in Shakespeare’s time. They threw rotten fruit at the bad actors and they always cheered and clapped the heroes and booed the villains.
Rob: Mr. Grant, could you go and buy a programme?
Mr. Grant: Of course, but don’t get lost.
Kim: Mr. Grant, I know the way. Can I go with Rob?
Mr. Grant: Yes, good idea.
Kim: Shall I go with you, Rob?
Rob: All right, but let’s hurry. I don’t want to miss the beginning of the play.

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