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Entertainments in Britain

I am fond of good books and good music, and when I have some time to spare, I like to go to the theatre or a concert. There are more than a dozen very good orchestras in Britain and some of them are world famous. Orchestras in Britain have no concert halls of their own, but play in halls rented from local authorities or private companies. There are 2 big concert halls in London. The Old Royal Albert Hall and the New Royal Festival Hall, which is one of the most modern concert halls in the world. Theatrical performances are given by theatre companies. There are about 200 professional theatres in Britain. Like orchestras, the theatre companies usually play in rented theatres, but there are several theatres which have their own homes. The center of the theatrical life is London. London is also the main center of opera and ballet.
In Britain the choice of films is limited to young people. Films are placed in one of three categories in Britain. "U" - suitable for everybody, "A" - more suitable for adults, "X" - suitable only for adults. A person under 16 years of age may see an "A" film only in company of an adult. Only person over 16 years of age may see "X" films. Those, who prefer to stay at home may spend their free time, watching TV, listening to the radio. They have many TV and radio programmes to choose from.
As for me, I am a great cinema-goer. I like the cinema tremendously (чрезвычайно). I see all the best films that are on. I prefer features films, though I enjoy documentaries and animated cartoon films or popular science films. I usually go to the cinema for the morning or day shows. It’s less expensive than evening shows. Sometimes I book tickets beforehand on the Internet. I like to come to the cinema a couple of minutes before the movie starts. If there is a long time to wait I can always look at the portraits of film stars and advertising posters hanging on the walls of the foyer or go to a cafe. If I like a movie very much I go to see it a second time and besides I see many of the movies televised. I often read newspapers and magazines to know which films have been released and which ones are being shot. I know lots of the famous script writers, producers and cameramen.
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