Read and learn the dialogue

A: What would you like to do after school?
B: I would like to enter the university and then become an interpreter.
A: Was it your own decision?
B: Yes, I’m good at languages and I decided to choose this profession long ago.
A: Who helped you to make the decision?
B: My teacher of English.
A: What is your father by profession?
B: He works in tourist business and he also uses languages at his work.
I think I’ll be able to work as an interpreter in a tourist agency.
A: Is this profession important for society?
B: Certainly, it’s very important for communication. I want to become an interpreter because of some reasons. It is an interesting profession because an interpreter meets people from different countries and cultures all the time and has an opportunity to learn much about them. Besides, this profession is very useful because it helps people to understand each other.

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