Eat right, get plenty of rest, go on a diet , put on a bandage, put on some ointment , take some aspirin, take some medicine, stay physically fit, nutrition as a growing science, low cholesterol diet, dietitian, to avoid, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, modified food, proper, to determine, health condition, metabolism, generally accepted, pearl of beauty, to foist, fashion industry, slim, skinny, advertisement hoarding, glossy, to conceal, mortal, nutrient, to develop, to provide, tissue repair, immunity, to be in line with, idol, passion for, to turn out, preoccupation, eating disorder, concern, dread, disgust, to damage, attempt, self-esteem, to improve, appearance, entirely, to cure, to involve, to recover, to get over, obesity, overweight, to occur, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, to delay, to prevent, to be widespread, approximately, prevalence, to triple, junk food, to cope with, to ban, soda, temple, proper, sensible, jogging.

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