Keeping fit


The fitness boom of the past decades led to a big rise in the numbers of people participating in sports and other physical activities. A healthy body becomes a fashion, an ideal of the life of today. Those who pursue the latest fitness fashion are convinced that staying in good physical form requires much more than regular exercise and balanced meals. For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives.
There are many opportunities for keeping fit. First of all, it is necessary to do exercises. People of different ages can design exercises that will fit them. Running, jumping, swimming, bending and stretching are among the most popular exercises. Many people prefer jogging, which is the cheapest and the most accessible sport. Walking is a very popular activity too. Even moderate physical activity can protect against heart disease and strokes as well as improve general health and the quality of life.
Everyone can benefit from being a little more active. Making small changes like using the stairs instead of the lift or walking or cycling instead of taking the bus can help people live a more active, healthier and enjoyable life.


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