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Description, competitive, entertaining , skilful, integral part, to be organized, strong willed, outstanding, worthy, championship, figure skating, young generation , to train to something, to include, to be specialized in, various, to admit, to take part in, numerous, to struggle for a medal, to roller-skate, to be crowded, football lover, cross-country skis, to lay out a ski trail, to adore, alpine skiing, ski resort, youth , to surf down, slide, respected, boarder, stunt, equipment, to rent, outdoor or indoor skating rink, ardent, fan, to occur, passion, bungee jumping  to hit, rope, sky surfing, board, year ticket, to cost, possibility, facility, gym, equipped, up-to-date, gym apparatus, to be keen on, to attend, sense of empathy, team spirit, to support, although, achievement, to influence, attitude, sport-lover, to take the origin, cricket, rugby, squash, snooker, to invent, soccer ,separate, to compete, tournament , to be fond of, to hold, opportunity, according to, achievement, goal post, violent, requirement, helmet, padding, uniform, spectator, patient, pitch, wicket, to be associated with, new-mown grass, absence, sponsor advertising, court, business community, to establish good business relations, equipment, entrance, to afford, to knock, horseracing, croquet, running, cycling, rowing,

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