Look at the key words:

Internet connection, ISP (Internet Service Provider), laptop computer URL (Webpage address), build a Webpage (also, Website), check your email, download music files, go on the Internet/go online, install software, meet people online, scan for viruses, send email, start up / shut down your computer , surf the Internet, network, to embrace user, to design, to survive, available, message, to provide, router, to intercept, to encode, to crack, to circulate tremendous, moving pictures, commercial station, advertising time, operating costs, profit, public station, to broadcast entertainment, to attract, viewer, action-packed, host, to interview, summary, to urge, telecommunication, to deny,  subscriber, to expand, installation, to extend, contribution, supplement, to broadcast, benefits, device, manually, to enhance, capability, research establishment, external .

Use the dictionary on-line and translate these words.

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