1. To see legendary precious gems and imperial crowns in the Diamond Treasury of Russia.
2. To visit the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is the largest Orthodox church in the world.
3. To get breathtaking panoramic view of Moscow from the Sparrow Hills (literally "Vorobjevy Gory").
4. To buy a souvenir set of "matreshka dolls" strolling along Old Arbat ("Stary Arbat").
5. To go skating to the city's largest ice rink in Gorky Park.
6. To buy delicious red caviar in the famous grocery store Eliseevsky or just drop inside to admire its luxurious decoration in Neo-Baroque style, huge crystal chandeliers and pictured ceiling.
7. To take your children to the legendary Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, once managed by one of Russia's best-loved clowns - Yury Nikulin.
8. To meet professor Voland on Patriarshi Ponds, a mysterious character from Mikhail Bulgakov's most famous novel Master and Margarita.
9. To admire Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets and Alyosha Popovich in the famous painting "Three Bogatyrs" by Vasnetsov exposed in the State Tretyakov Gallery.
10. To take a couple of lovely pictures on Red Square in front of the Cathedral of Basil the Blessed.

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