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Russian Victory day


The most memorable public event I've ever visited is definitely the Victory Day. It's is traditionally held on the 9th of May in honor to the USSR victory over the Nazi Germany.
Despite the fact that a lot of cheerful parades are held on this day, I can't say that this public holiday is a happy day for everyone. On the contrary, many people are sad because their close relatives and friend died on this terrible war! Almost every family in Russia has a person who didn't return from the battlefield of the most inhuman war ever. It was mostly young and healthy people with great love to their Motherland who had to struggle frantically with terrible enemies. Moreover, many people were seriously injured and became disabled. However, we are happy that our country wasn't occupied by the enemies, that's why we are having plenty of parades all over the country.
I personally have quite contradictory feelings about this event. On the one hand, I feel patriotic and proud of my Motherland, which managed to protect its independence. On the other hand, though, I feel sorry for soldiers and civilians, who sacrificed their lives in order to protect the not only the country, but its new generations.
What I really hate about this day is disrespect for out saviors, which is shown by some of the citizens. Some teens don't understand the importance of this event for everyone and they don't treat the main symbol of it properly. To put it in another way, they use George Ribbons as lasers! It's unbelievably rude to our history!
We must be grateful to those who put their lives on the altar of the USSR victory. We must keep their memory carefully and appreciate everything they did for us, as we are living just because they are dead.

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