Compound Nouns

Compound nouns can be formed in different ways.

The most common way is to put two nouns together (noun + noun); other common types are adjective + noun and verb + noun.

noun + noun

car park Iceland shopkeeper website

adjective + noun

blackberry grandstand greenhouse small talk

verb + noun

breakwater fall-guy go-kart runway

Writing compound nouns

Many compound nouns are written as one word, but some are written with hyphens or spaces. In modern English, hyphens are less common than they were in the past. A good learner’s dictionary will tell you how each compound is usually written.

Examples of one word

bathroom sheepdog windscreen

Examples of hyphens

check-in fire-fighter son-in-law

Examples of spaces

bottle opener New Year’s Day Prime Minister

Plurals of compound nouns

We form the plural of most compounds by adding a plural ending to the last part of the compound:

We saw some large greenhouses with vegetables growing in them.

They’re building two new car parks in town.

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